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(no subject) [Aug. 21st, 2005|12:56 pm]
The Boy With Nails In His Eyes
I wanted to leave in first four minutes I entered back in Dundee's mainstream society. i saw the people.
Whether sub-conscious or not I was pissed at them and their life. Nothing but workers in a continual loop, setting the world up for their children to run a mock through their own lives then growing up into their parents and setting up. So on and so on. I love to moan. Don't get me wrong, moaning is fantastic. But really this is joke. Our break we acted like our so-cal enemies, but if you want the truth we ran out of breath from our anarchic lungs. We just drowning in our own freedom and money and drink. Nothing could really stop. We had no past, really and certainly no future, what were we supposed to do?

Clarity came and went and i saw stars and reason all at once. So I made my indefinite plan, but at least I have direction now. Inverness people smoke a lot. They do. They have strange nightclubs(girls, aged no more than 20, dance in just underwear in a crowded room and it is perfectly acceptable.) Yet no was hostile and no one really leered. People apologized and talk randomly. Now here I'm back. I see depression and shopping bags. I just see hopeless people in a hopeless city. However with the start of the Univeristy and college the 'dark' people emerge to go through an experience in their debauched as any should be. (Fuck My Chemical Romance and Jack Skelliton t-shirts are so 2002 by the way.) So I went to run and get out of here. Just leave. Just start new; have a clean slat. Enter a new world, one were nothing poor is accepted and idiots don't rule, lets not kid our selfes here. I mean we're not that fucking stupid, are we? The clever man knows how much he knows, remember. Everything has changed around us it seems. The only way to live is not to turly survive, work, sleep, fuck, drink. But actually experience something beyond this. Life is sort and boring, why waste it?
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(no subject) [Jun. 10th, 2005|06:29 pm]
The Boy With Nails In His Eyes
Well over the past couple of days there was an atmosphere has been one filled with joy and elation, at the many weeks off and time to finally do the things everybody wants to do, and today the mood has replaced with a the quiet whisper of respectful depression. Im pretty sure everybody knows what happened. The distressing news seems to have really burned a hole through many people. I think that it has brought the subject of death up onto the agenda in time and age were it seems so far away that it is nothing more than a faint voice at a football match. Many people are severely effect by what has happened. I think that it is just the wrong time and the wrong place and the wrong person. The next couple of activities that would have involved that person will now be obviously overshadowed by their absence which can only really mean that well maybe some things matter more when you dont have them any more. This I think is a lesson which is learnty by many people when something like death happens. Certain people are so deeply effected that it is surprising to even the close friends. Hope from that situation is difficult to muster. There really can't be any silver-lining and the many questions are called in for internal discussion and anger at a certain person is likely to come and those questions will asked and not answered. Things move on and people live. This isn't fair and nothing is, but i like to think that this all wasn't in vain.
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(no subject) [May. 23rd, 2005|12:32 am]
The Boy With Nails In His Eyes
[mood |blankblank]
[music |NIN - Only]

Hey hey. Went to see Art Brut last night and all I can say is that i was real impressed. Finally a good band at the Reading Rooms(the raveonettes weren't bad, though.) However I would be surprised if they will come back to Dundee because of some overly-enthusiast and, more importantly, drunk fuds at the front of the stage acting like stereotypical people from Dundee; climbing the stage, graping the singer, invading the stage, not taking the the fucking hint and backing down then retreating a area were you cant be seen etc etc. But it didnt ruin the gig. The support bands were shiiiit. I really cant stand those bands that sing stupid songs to show how smart and funny they are. Nirvana did songs in sometimes very insincere manners, it worked. The Pixies did BIG funny songs and were good. You are not. Quit the band, listening to the Beach Boys and wearing those look-at-me hats.

Anyway Art Brut gave 100% and put on a quality show. I was with Lauro and Jenifer, who kindly gave us a lift to the Rooms in her car, so we just went and stood in the middle to watch them whilst drinking beer. But I now much prefer Red Bull and energy drinks, they taste way better and you can get all funky. I think im going to The Cribes and Im looking forward to Sons and Daughters so it brighting up to be a good couple of weeks, especially with Hell Is For Heroes on Wednesday - only the cool people are going.
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J-E-T L-A-G [May. 1st, 2005|11:40 pm]
The Boy With Nails In His Eyes
Im going to busy as fuck over the next wee while so Im going to spend more time on important issues like world hungry, terrorism and you know... that stuff. You know my posts have little relevance. But anyway, big week ahead. Studying, partying(its Lauras birthday), working, drinking and you know, meal stuff.

Beans, beans beans, Jessie had some beans.

Anyway I have been searching through all my communities(I have few friends) im in and rearranging them all about. Like get some Radiohead and The Duke Spirit stuff just so I look really cool. Also I would like to write that Monster, the film, is pretty cool. I liked the documentary with Aileen Wornous by that guy who did that Kurt and Courtney film, all about his death or murder or whatever, really it wasn't anything special, that subject has been beaten enough. So yeah it was an insightful film. But to hear about her life when she was just a child is horrendous really. All the blowjobs for a fag and being raped by her dads friend and the beatings and the homelessness. I was also reading about about this girl who was kidnapped - before anything I just want to say 'Polly' is playing and thats just creepy - for 80 days and was just raped and was like 12, by this guy and sent in a dungeon. It was real harrowing stuff. Im sorry if this is bumming people out, but I was reading about it and can really move you that stuff. Not the cruelty really, that is limitless, but I suppose the will power of the victims. I mean the cruelty I cant come to terms with, you can put that down to being a sadist or whatever, but the will power I really cant get.

Anyway yeah, the world can be one shite hole, everyone knows that, but I suppose that you cant do fuck all really.
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(no subject) [Apr. 16th, 2005|01:27 pm]
The Boy With Nails In His Eyes
[mood |pissed offpissed off]

Went to the town today to spent some of my money and it was pretty varied. Bought a Cd for Sandi all was well was that. Went to the Library to get more CDs, was going to get that sigh up thing(£10 for the whole year worth of CDs, which is 4 every 3 weeks for a year! woo!) Anyway I waited at the reception desk for about 10mins and then the receptionist said i would have to the audio part and have it put the data into the computer. So i pick the CDs and go to the desk and get everything sorted it turns out you can do subscribe at the reception desk.
I was looking for a few things, mainly a CD for someone and a pair of decent headphones. Loud headphones. I wanted ones that were big and went around your head-type. So I was looking in HMV, Grouches, Virgin etc, for some headphones and I never found any. But I bought a pair in HMV for £4 for my Bro because I "broke" the last pair - however I really just wanted a back-up pair, I hate broken headphones because you have to go on a real long walks with the sound of traffic racing past you with no music to block it out. So anyway I went into Dixons and I bought some Panasoinc ones for £15, the most expensive pair I have ever purchased, but i had saw a pair for about £115, some I was real small shark really. So put then on out whilst I gave this guy vague descriptions how to get to the Police Station, and at first they just would not stay on and I was putting them on all over the place, above, round and below my chin. It must of looked like I was fitting or something. So I get them, on turn the volume up and they are just hamming at checks with weak vibrations. What the fuck? So I decided to shape them so I get used to these face clap things.
I walked around the hearing the shout deep howl of Ian Curtis and my fellow mans conservation like I was participating in it. So 30mins later I take them back. £15 is a waste of money for something that doesn't even achieve the function that it is supposed to. So I get it all ready; carefully placing all it neatly in the box and mapped out very delicately. I go in and get send to the central desk. Now I do not like buying stuff, so handing them back is like violent conflict. I took the headphones out and tell what the PROBLEM is.
"They are'nt loud enough" "They are uncomfortable" "They keep sliding down my face" etc, etc.
So he tells me "They are open and there is nothing we can do". Why? no explanation.
"But if in 28 days they are faulty you can bring them back and get a re-payment" or something.
Ok, guys nice policies. what your supposed to do is gain a full prospect of what the product is and how it operates for the vague 2 lines on the back, was language like "awesome" etc. Good effective system, people. So I feel kind of raped. But I hope that maybe I will find, one day maybe in years or decades, a decent pair of headphones.
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I'm not here, this really is'nt happening. [Apr. 9th, 2005|11:09 pm]
The Boy With Nails In His Eyes
Hey people, well im bored everyone is away and have free time. Woo. anyway next week im in the money which means i will pay for food. Then stuff for me, because im self fish(<-- i know its not witty even in the slightest). No, im going to be generous honestly. Like buying drinks and chips for people. But im sorry im going to be boring people other the next wee while by not drinking at all, im sorry, but in like 1 and half i will be back on the cider and stuff.

Anyway why all the cool people are away tonight im just sitting looking forward to Hell Is For Heroes. Yeah i think it will be a real fine night. They are always a solid live act and their music is cool in sort bursts, but im still waiting for Radiohead to go on tour or more dates for Nine Inch Nails tour(no festivals dates, whats up Trent?).

Hope you guys are making your selfs well-known in the capital.

"You'll remember me, you'll remember me...
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Kid A [Mar. 30th, 2005|04:37 pm]
The Boy With Nails In His Eyes
[mood |geekygeeky]
[music |Radiohead - Kid A]

Hey people, well it has been too long since i last updated and i can lies about i've been too busy but really i have been just too lazy and i was in need of some inspiration. So i suppose i am now. Well my parents are away at the moment so i have some of the house to my self, which means i can all rebellious and play music real loud and get naked then watch t.v. But yeah i had Sandi for a meal, that i microwaved, with some help of course, but it was a fun, fun night. But im thinking that Thursday should be fun, going to the Reading Rooms and Felt. I dont know if im going to drink, but im going to dance but all Ian Curtis like because last time that worked out better than my normal dancing. Its really my lack co-ordination. I think i heard the Dundee pioneering band The Hazy Janes are playing so at least i will get some rest for a bit. But i wont be the internet for the next wee bit because our Scan thing needs to be installed or something so no Livejournal or Buddyhead for a while.

Its going to a be a busy next two months or so with revising for exams and started a cross at Nine Wells so im going to be even more a bad guy and not type up but i will. its really just because i dont really have much to type about expect why like punk was born from jazz and how people who like New Found Glory suck a lot. So im a geek and i will admit it. I almost enjoy learning - although everything seems to fall out after like 2 minutes. This causes major memory problems and i have write like simple tasks down or everything will just float by like its in space or something. But yeah im a geek and i love Radiohead now so im away to read some chemistry and have microwaved sausages and tatties and pretend to have intellectual conversations with dead politicians. Viva La Resistance.
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Oh My God I cant Believe It, I've Never Been This Far Away From Home [Feb. 28th, 2005|04:35 pm]
The Boy With Nails In His Eyes
[mood |busybusy]
[music |DJ Danger Mouse]

Wells, wells, wells, it seems another Oscar Night goes past and no really cares, expect GMTV. Apparently who wears what is much more important than a thing called art, but oh well, nevermind.

So im all annoyed about the weekend, shite hours. Shite, shite hours. But im looking forward to Thursday, im not drinking, i will try to contain the urges, so it will be a valuable learning experience to see what its like going out, I've been around drunk people, sober many times, however never at a bar or club. Should be interesting. I can remind them of what they were and doing and saying that night. *evil laugh whilst horns appear on head*

Ahh. Many great stories. It is always better reading someones story than them actually telling it, i believe. Im not sure why, but it is. You have more time to go over and see what exactly happened, maybe. Maybe im just slow and normal conservation evade me, but its easier to understand. Also the nights are now very easy to understand. Thanks to digital photography. Woo. Many memories.

Till next time peps.
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Dance, Dance, Dance,Dance To The Radio. [Feb. 19th, 2005|07:05 pm]
The Boy With Nails In His Eyes
Well it was such a boring day today, that the rest of things in the week seemed almost exciting. Anyway a few days ago i saw a the mobile library in my street, which was weird because i didnt know people actually came to this area to see the people and have - gasp! - a sort of community thing. Yeah well, it reminded of this time in about 2nd year. I used to walk Michael Anderson home. Completely out of my way, but you know being a push over i couldnt really see anything that resembled logic. Yeah so anyway, we were walking back, talking about wrestling or whatever, when we passed the mobile library. At this time i had no idea what the fuck it was and so Michael and Scott Linsey - he used to sometimes walk along with us - explained that it is driven around and people who are unable to get the actual libray or just lazy can go and get a book - I found this also strange because, well, everybody in that area had cars and looked like they braved the streets of Dundee every now and then. So i instantly became fascinated by this little van piled with shelves of books. As we walked past i closly examined every detail of the its contents. It so cosy with its tall, for being in a van, shelves stocked tightly with books. I saw three people there, standing and deep in casual-going-no-were conversation. When with had reached the drivers door we saw moved and this old man, which i presume to be the driver, took the key out the engine. I really couldnt believe. It may not seem too much but if you think about ist really awful and totally beyond my belief. First of all, i have never stolen anything in my life - this is what he must of though, unfounded by the way, that we were going to steal the mobile library. With three hostages in the back no less! The second, is that a person who dedicates his time to helping the community by driving the van around, cant even trust it. A voluntary job and he wont give it a chance. I was baffled for a bit after that and it just made me wonder about Dundee and the stereotype of all youths. Maybe he was right to do that, maybe with are uncontrollable no hopers? Then again maybe we are a truly misunderstood generation that just need to shown a little trust, but i can only see the paranoia...
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Im sucky at dancing, i confess! [Feb. 11th, 2005|03:55 am]
The Boy With Nails In His Eyes
Yes, yes i suck big time at dancing, sorry all experts. Im not a NED, im just trying to impersonate the Madchester times, dont blame me. Also big shoot, to all the people tonight: Laura, Smithy, The Gals From Grove and the Guy In The Hat. Also i think i need to work on my people skills a little.

Also to my love Sandi, im a cheap, cheap skate(<--spelling?) i love you too and would text you back if i had the money. I'll get some sleep. Love you. J. hope you sleep well.

Thanks for the pizza everyone, hope you guys enjoyed tonight as much as i did, peace.
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