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J-E-T L-A-G [May. 1st, 2005|11:40 pm]
The Boy With Nails In His Eyes
Im going to busy as fuck over the next wee while so Im going to spend more time on important issues like world hungry, terrorism and you know... that stuff. You know my posts have little relevance. But anyway, big week ahead. Studying, partying(its Lauras birthday), working, drinking and you know, meal stuff.

Beans, beans beans, Jessie had some beans.

Anyway I have been searching through all my communities(I have few friends) im in and rearranging them all about. Like get some Radiohead and The Duke Spirit stuff just so I look really cool. Also I would like to write that Monster, the film, is pretty cool. I liked the documentary with Aileen Wornous by that guy who did that Kurt and Courtney film, all about his death or murder or whatever, really it wasn't anything special, that subject has been beaten enough. So yeah it was an insightful film. But to hear about her life when she was just a child is horrendous really. All the blowjobs for a fag and being raped by her dads friend and the beatings and the homelessness. I was also reading about about this girl who was kidnapped - before anything I just want to say 'Polly' is playing and thats just creepy - for 80 days and was just raped and was like 12, by this guy and sent in a dungeon. It was real harrowing stuff. Im sorry if this is bumming people out, but I was reading about it and can really move you that stuff. Not the cruelty really, that is limitless, but I suppose the will power of the victims. I mean the cruelty I cant come to terms with, you can put that down to being a sadist or whatever, but the will power I really cant get.

Anyway yeah, the world can be one shite hole, everyone knows that, but I suppose that you cant do fuck all really.

From: resident_writer
2005-05-02 11:04 am (UTC)
oo yea, partying all week! and work.

i have Monster in my bedroom but haven't watched it yet, i also have Saw, but haven't watched it yet.

i really should.
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[User Picture]From: glassjawboy
2005-05-02 10:32 pm (UTC)
Should be fun.

Ahh, dont you just love happy non-killing films?

Yeah, Monster is fine, likes.
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