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Well over the past couple of days there was an atmosphere has been… - The Boy With Nails In His Eyes [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Boy With Nails In His Eyes

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[Jun. 10th, 2005|06:29 pm]
The Boy With Nails In His Eyes
Well over the past couple of days there was an atmosphere has been one filled with joy and elation, at the many weeks off and time to finally do the things everybody wants to do, and today the mood has replaced with a the quiet whisper of respectful depression. Im pretty sure everybody knows what happened. The distressing news seems to have really burned a hole through many people. I think that it has brought the subject of death up onto the agenda in time and age were it seems so far away that it is nothing more than a faint voice at a football match. Many people are severely effect by what has happened. I think that it is just the wrong time and the wrong place and the wrong person. The next couple of activities that would have involved that person will now be obviously overshadowed by their absence which can only really mean that well maybe some things matter more when you dont have them any more. This I think is a lesson which is learnty by many people when something like death happens. Certain people are so deeply effected that it is surprising to even the close friends. Hope from that situation is difficult to muster. There really can't be any silver-lining and the many questions are called in for internal discussion and anger at a certain person is likely to come and those questions will asked and not answered. Things move on and people live. This isn't fair and nothing is, but i like to think that this all wasn't in vain.