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I wanted to leave in first four minutes I entered back in Dundee's… - The Boy With Nails In His Eyes [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Boy With Nails In His Eyes

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[Aug. 21st, 2005|12:56 pm]
The Boy With Nails In His Eyes
I wanted to leave in first four minutes I entered back in Dundee's mainstream society. i saw the people.
Whether sub-conscious or not I was pissed at them and their life. Nothing but workers in a continual loop, setting the world up for their children to run a mock through their own lives then growing up into their parents and setting up. So on and so on. I love to moan. Don't get me wrong, moaning is fantastic. But really this is joke. Our break we acted like our so-cal enemies, but if you want the truth we ran out of breath from our anarchic lungs. We just drowning in our own freedom and money and drink. Nothing could really stop. We had no past, really and certainly no future, what were we supposed to do?

Clarity came and went and i saw stars and reason all at once. So I made my indefinite plan, but at least I have direction now. Inverness people smoke a lot. They do. They have strange nightclubs(girls, aged no more than 20, dance in just underwear in a crowded room and it is perfectly acceptable.) Yet no was hostile and no one really leered. People apologized and talk randomly. Now here I'm back. I see depression and shopping bags. I just see hopeless people in a hopeless city. However with the start of the Univeristy and college the 'dark' people emerge to go through an experience in their debauched as any should be. (Fuck My Chemical Romance and Jack Skelliton t-shirts are so 2002 by the way.) So I went to run and get out of here. Just leave. Just start new; have a clean slat. Enter a new world, one were nothing poor is accepted and idiots don't rule, lets not kid our selfes here. I mean we're not that fucking stupid, are we? The clever man knows how much he knows, remember. Everything has changed around us it seems. The only way to live is not to turly survive, work, sleep, fuck, drink. But actually experience something beyond this. Life is sort and boring, why waste it?