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You got the money, I got the soul. [Feb. 2nd, 2005|03:26 pm]
The Boy With Nails In His Eyes
Well just thought i would tell all and describe the dream i had last night cause it was weird. Well not in too much detail but i was for some reason fighting - in my Gran's house! - with Mani the guy out of Primal Scream. This is confusing. But oh well. The Stones and The Scream rule totally, but i mean its strange considering i dont know too much about him, except maybe hes a bit of fast talker, slow thinker. Want proof? See the Kasbian interview with him in it. Anyway yeah, it was night filled with good, peculiarly times. All good, mates.

Boring, boring, bored boredom. Yeah, its just being 'free' at these times in the day make everything seem so open and uncontrollable, its just like walking a tight rope covered in petrol with a pyromaniac at the other end just waiting to exploded. Ahh!

The Scream rule people.
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Hey people! [Jan. 29th, 2005|07:04 pm]
The Boy With Nails In His Eyes
Well another Saturday sails frustratingly by, but what can you do?

Been an alright week, school, revision, work. Ok so im not exciting and im a swat but you know, a geeks gotta do what a geek has to do. Yeah, its not been too bad, i mean im feeling - dare i say it? - almost a little better (more confident) about the whole English exam. Should be an utterly fulfilling and heartbreaking experience.

Saw 'Closer' today. It was a good look at a certain kind of love i thought. Always interesting to watch. But the language was unexpected. For example, there was a part were Julia Roberts character said she liked Jude Laws character to cum in her face because it was 'sweeter' than here husbands. Very worrying. But it was one of the best films i've seen at the cinema, so thats cool.

My Bro's birthday today, also. Bought chocolate. Hes in the money now i tell thee. Over £100. Loaded, man. Went to Jimmy Chungs for lunch. Fine as always.

Anyway, looks like another quiet Saturday night. I think i'll take a walk, somewhere. I haven't been on one in a while and its good time to listen to music and think.

See you later, Indie kids.
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Not as dead as i thought [Jan. 24th, 2005|02:26 pm]
The Boy With Nails In His Eyes
[mood |nostalgiccornflakish]

Dont worry children, they're only 1/5 dead. Mr. North joined Nine Inch Nails. Sweet move. But i want icky.

Yeah, well my days been very so-so. Good but not exciting, shit but not terrible. School was school, knobs and all. Wont be coming out much though cause homework and work and another stuff for making money cause i need money. Money, money, money. I dont like it so much, causes way more problems than its solves. But if you want to party and play holiday, then its needed.

I deeply enjoyed Thursday night, but theres already been social commentary on that so all im going to say is vodka and coke still rules. Cant wait to go to a party or something after the prelims. Get all drunk and dance. Its fun student-eques times and its liberating. Although there is just one thing that bothers me and that is some of the people who go there and pretend to be all indie but secretly love Blink 182 and whatever. You know who you are! I suppose they piss me off because they are trying to tag them selfs off as really cool peps but are the Dundee High boys and girls who feel above everyone in 'normal' day times and lives. Go worship the Chili Peppers or something.

Anyway people, get into Jesus And Mary Chain, dark songs about motorbikes and feedback are still very cool.
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Heartbreaker! Heartbreaker! [Jan. 14th, 2005|05:19 pm]
The Boy With Nails In His Eyes
The Icarus Line are fucking dead.

Well been a couple of days since i last came on 'ere. However i do believe that the circumstances that have currently been unraveling around my self are not noteworthy enough for the attention of your good selfs out there in reality. The reason is for some reason this week i have been in a good mood. Im just not so sure to which i own the pleasure of this mood, but i will take it none the less.

Maybe going out tonight. To a bar. Fancy. Well its the tamest place on earth but last time i went i had a good. That i cant deny. I was talking shit; i was drunk. (<-- Is that right?) Anyway, yeah Katies birthday. However they want me at work tomorrow - being the best dishwasher in the lan and all - so i have get up early and go to the Carss. It was that or go to the pics on me own again. Im not a loner i tell you! I know people! Honestly! So i will buy here a drink talk for a bit then go home. Watch t.v. Eat chocolate. Sniff, sniff, my poor life.
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The New Beat [Jan. 8th, 2005|04:31 pm]
The Boy With Nails In His Eyes
Hello people.
Just want to say: go see 'House Of Flying Daggers'. Its the bomb im telling you.

Yeah its been a interesting two days, need more, more money, which is going to be difficult to get. Going to have to work my ass off and being a Class A geeky swat the up n' coming exams means that i will write my fingers to the bone. Far out, my hippy friends.

Bob told be to Kill All HIPPIES. What did he mean? Not sure, thinking about a poncho but im afraid i might group into a trend lose my cred. Oh God, im fan of cornflakes. I think thats a great new for a band! Now presenting the lastest underground emo phenomenon, who are all currently dating Soap Stars princesses: The Cornflakes.

I can see the money coming under hand into my heavy wallet. Sweet. All fun, no labour. I might have enough for that poncho...
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Hello Chaps And Chapeses [Jan. 3rd, 2005|10:55 pm]
The Boy With Nails In His Eyes
Yes hello there. Ok now enough gentle banter and down to the real dirt: the Party.

As you can see, from Laura's photos, it was a night that was memoribal, if not as much as others(but in the bad way.) It was a fine night. But i had to run all the way up from work and i was all wet, sticky, tired and the sweat was bad too. But i clambered in and began on the talking shit terms with the people there. You know general stuff 'How you doing?' 'Good Christmas?' then onto the drunk talk 'Your the fucking man!' whether it be male or female. Dancing, singing, kissing, cuddling, hand-shaking and egging-on Robbie to roll down the stairs, from what i have been told. Good fine night full of dirty fun.

(i know the detail is so vague here that you'll be disappointed but i did take int2 English here)
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(no subject) [Jan. 2nd, 2005|09:53 pm]
The Boy With Nails In His Eyes
Im noticing some about livejournal. Its like some stupid loophole. Now im in a few few communities myself - all music and movie related i may add - but i've been looking at those America fashion ones, where you apply and sent in photos of your self pouting. Then some person judges you and allows in so then you can judge on other people then those people are allowed then judge other... you get the picture. Im not even goin to go into the shallows and self-righteousness of this expect a few things. When writing down about bands they like they are mostly: Dashboard Confession, Saves The Day, Taking back Sunday etc, now i dont mean to be an asshole here, but from that i can see a person who gets there hair like twice a week: wears all that make-up with a lip ring and is all misunderstood and increasing drug problems coz like you know a year i took some pot and fucked it all up(oh and they mothers and fathers pay for like, you know, EVERYTHING. All these Americans with Warped T-shirts. Im so bored to death of them. But let them keep there stupid communities because they may spread over here, i've seen a few though.
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WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! [Dec. 16th, 2004|11:27 pm]
The Boy With Nails In His Eyes
Its late - to me. Im wet. My eyes are peeled by the coffee jolting through my unhealthy system im feeling philosophical. Maybe all boys are debauched or is it that just the ones i know or is that im just a debauched person too far out to be saved by my saviour whoever they are? Maybe im just not all here and i only hear the fucked-up parts of the conversations. Like switching on and off. Maybe im a tape thats got dust on it and skips a few beats. The record just doesnt play all. Im going to regret this in the morning, however:
'I can live with all my regrets
Its the guilt thats killing me'
Thats my truest - and probably the only one that makes remote sense - philosophy. I should have finished what i became instead of running off into another direction leaving the other one stranded in the middle of nowhere or anywhere. I think i need a hobby.
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Dress as you please. Please may you. Please. [Dec. 10th, 2004|06:25 pm]
The Boy With Nails In His Eyes
A interesting day. Dress as you please. Woo, time to be creative and stuff. Or just not. Well many pirates and people in wigs and pajamas looking worse than normal - really quite a feat. But you know. It was a fun day, as fun as its going to be for a while at least, so i shouldn't really complain.

Busy, busy. I have much to do over the next wee while, so my free time wont be spend watching Buffy playing computer games which is a real blow because im really good at LMA 98. Oh well. Not really having a weekend so im pissed off at that. with work and homework.

Gonna be a boring,(well actually hectic as fuck but not in that, in the sense that most places-will-be-better sense), 6 hours. See how that works out.
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(no subject) [Dec. 9th, 2004|10:06 pm]
The Boy With Nails In His Eyes
[mood |annoyedannoyed]

O i havent been here in a while. In this edition of livejournal i would like to set-up an introdructing into 'Jamie Smith's 2004 Year.'

Well it has been such an eventful year, involving the phrase 'Your face' being used to describe every action of a certain males and biography of the Summer of Love being Reidys phone capturing all the moments of that time of extensive drunkess and extreme gay debauchery.

Work? Well blah blah blah. I know work sucks, your work and my work both suck. A lot. No need to go on and on... Got nice presents though.

I met most new people when throwing up and/or accidentally spitting peanuts on them. Good Times.

On the music tatse level i became even more a stubborn cat, who accepted no one else's sour milk. Buddyhead turned me into heavy loving mofo, while NME wanted me to take lots of mushrooms and fade into a coma of The Libertines and Franz Ferdinand. Not that im complaining.

I will elaborated on this much needed topics at a later date.
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