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Dance, Dance, Dance,Dance To The Radio. - The Boy With Nails In His Eyes [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Boy With Nails In His Eyes

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Dance, Dance, Dance,Dance To The Radio. [Feb. 19th, 2005|07:05 pm]
The Boy With Nails In His Eyes
Well it was such a boring day today, that the rest of things in the week seemed almost exciting. Anyway a few days ago i saw a the mobile library in my street, which was weird because i didnt know people actually came to this area to see the people and have - gasp! - a sort of community thing. Yeah well, it reminded of this time in about 2nd year. I used to walk Michael Anderson home. Completely out of my way, but you know being a push over i couldnt really see anything that resembled logic. Yeah so anyway, we were walking back, talking about wrestling or whatever, when we passed the mobile library. At this time i had no idea what the fuck it was and so Michael and Scott Linsey - he used to sometimes walk along with us - explained that it is driven around and people who are unable to get the actual libray or just lazy can go and get a book - I found this also strange because, well, everybody in that area had cars and looked like they braved the streets of Dundee every now and then. So i instantly became fascinated by this little van piled with shelves of books. As we walked past i closly examined every detail of the its contents. It so cosy with its tall, for being in a van, shelves stocked tightly with books. I saw three people there, standing and deep in casual-going-no-were conversation. When with had reached the drivers door we saw moved and this old man, which i presume to be the driver, took the key out the engine. I really couldnt believe. It may not seem too much but if you think about ist really awful and totally beyond my belief. First of all, i have never stolen anything in my life - this is what he must of though, unfounded by the way, that we were going to steal the mobile library. With three hostages in the back no less! The second, is that a person who dedicates his time to helping the community by driving the van around, cant even trust it. A voluntary job and he wont give it a chance. I was baffled for a bit after that and it just made me wonder about Dundee and the stereotype of all youths. Maybe he was right to do that, maybe with are uncontrollable no hopers? Then again maybe we are a truly misunderstood generation that just need to shown a little trust, but i can only see the paranoia...