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Went to the town today to spent some of my money and it was pretty… - The Boy With Nails In His Eyes [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Boy With Nails In His Eyes

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[Apr. 16th, 2005|01:27 pm]
The Boy With Nails In His Eyes
[mood |pissed offpissed off]

Went to the town today to spent some of my money and it was pretty varied. Bought a Cd for Sandi all was well was that. Went to the Library to get more CDs, was going to get that sigh up thing(£10 for the whole year worth of CDs, which is 4 every 3 weeks for a year! woo!) Anyway I waited at the reception desk for about 10mins and then the receptionist said i would have to the audio part and have it put the data into the computer. So i pick the CDs and go to the desk and get everything sorted it turns out you can do subscribe at the reception desk.
I was looking for a few things, mainly a CD for someone and a pair of decent headphones. Loud headphones. I wanted ones that were big and went around your head-type. So I was looking in HMV, Grouches, Virgin etc, for some headphones and I never found any. But I bought a pair in HMV for £4 for my Bro because I "broke" the last pair - however I really just wanted a back-up pair, I hate broken headphones because you have to go on a real long walks with the sound of traffic racing past you with no music to block it out. So anyway I went into Dixons and I bought some Panasoinc ones for £15, the most expensive pair I have ever purchased, but i had saw a pair for about £115, some I was real small shark really. So put then on out whilst I gave this guy vague descriptions how to get to the Police Station, and at first they just would not stay on and I was putting them on all over the place, above, round and below my chin. It must of looked like I was fitting or something. So I get them, on turn the volume up and they are just hamming at checks with weak vibrations. What the fuck? So I decided to shape them so I get used to these face clap things.
I walked around the hearing the shout deep howl of Ian Curtis and my fellow mans conservation like I was participating in it. So 30mins later I take them back. £15 is a waste of money for something that doesn't even achieve the function that it is supposed to. So I get it all ready; carefully placing all it neatly in the box and mapped out very delicately. I go in and get send to the central desk. Now I do not like buying stuff, so handing them back is like violent conflict. I took the headphones out and tell what the PROBLEM is.
"They are'nt loud enough" "They are uncomfortable" "They keep sliding down my face" etc, etc.
So he tells me "They are open and there is nothing we can do". Why? no explanation.
"But if in 28 days they are faulty you can bring them back and get a re-payment" or something.
Ok, guys nice policies. what your supposed to do is gain a full prospect of what the product is and how it operates for the vague 2 lines on the back, was language like "awesome" etc. Good effective system, people. So I feel kind of raped. But I hope that maybe I will find, one day maybe in years or decades, a decent pair of headphones.